How to Remove Leading Zeros in Dell Boomi


How to Remove Leading Zeros in Dell Boomi

How to Remove Leading Zeros in Dell Boomi

Leading zeros in data fields can cause issues within integrations. Whether it’s an account number, product ID, or other numerical identifiers, maintaining the correct number format is essential for accurate downstream processing and avoiding matching errors. Dell Boomi offers a few practical ways to strip those pesky leading zeros.

Methods to Tackle Leading Zeros

  1. Numeric Functions
    • Math absolute value: This function returns the absolute value of a number, effectively discarding leading zeros. Example: If your input field contains “00012345”, using mathabsolutevalue() would produce “12345”.
  1. String Manipulation
  • Substring:  Extract the portion of the string without the leading zeros.
    • Example: If you know the precise number of leading zeros to eliminate, you could use substring() to remove the first few characters.
  • Regular Expressions: Use regular expressions to match and replace leading zeros for more complex patterns.
    • Example:  A regular expression like ^0+(?!$) could find all leading zeros and remove them.
  1. Groovy Scripting
    • Groovy gives you a lot of flexibility. You can convert values to integers (which inherently drop leading zeros), use string manipulation techniques offered by Groovy, or employ regular expressions.

Example Scenario

Let’s say you have a “Cost Center” field that sometimes has values like “00005678”. Here’s how you would remove the leading zeros using a Map shape in Dell Boomi:

  1. Numeric Function:
    • Add a map function.
    • Select “Numeric” functions.
    • Choose math absolute value ().
    • Map your “Cost Center” field as the input.
  1. String Manipulation with Substring:
    • Add a map function.
    • Select “String” functions.
    • Choose substring().
    • Map your “Cost Center” field as input.
    • Set the starting index to bypass the leading zeros (e.g., if there are always four leading zeros, the starting index would be 4).

Choosing the Right Method

  • Simple Cases: If your data has consistent leading zero patterns, string manipulation or numeric functions are easy choices.
  • Complex Patterns: Regular expressions are your best bet if the number of leading zeros varies.
  • Greater Flexibility: Use Groovy scripting for customization and control over the transformation.

Important Considerations

  • Data Type: If the original field needs to be a string, converting it to a number and back might be necessary.
  • Zero Significance: If leading zeros hold some value (e.g., in fixed-length formats), ensure your solution doesn’t remove meaningful information.


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