0185 IN SAP HR


0185 IN SAP HR

Understanding Infotype 0185: Your Guide to Essential Employee Identification Data

In SAP HR (Human Resources), Infotype 0185 is pivotal in storing and managing crucial employee identification information. This blog delves into Infotype 0185’s details, significance, and how it streamlines HR processes.

What exactly is Infotype 0185?

Infotype 0185, also known as the ID Data info type, is a standard component of SAP HR that houses important personal identification details for employees. It allows you to record information such as:

  • IC Type: Identification Card type (e.g., Passport, National ID, Driver’s License, Work Permit)
  • Identity Number: The unique number associated with the ID
  • Issuing Authority: The government agency or organization that issued the ID
  • Issuing Date: The date the ID was issued
  • Date of Expiry: The date the ID ceases to be valid

Why is Infotype 0185 Important?

  1. Compliance: Infotype 0185 ensures compliance with various legal and regulatory requirements that mandate employers to maintain accurate employee identification records. This is especially important for work permits and visas linked to employment eligibility.
  2. Security: Storing sensitive identification information in a centralized and secure location within SAP HR helps to mitigate security risks, reducing the potential for identity theft or fraud.
  3. Efficient HR Operations: Infotype 0185 streamlines HR processes such as onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, and reporting, as this information is readily available in the system.

Customizing Infotype 0185

SAP HR offers the flexibility to customize Infotype 0185 by creating subtypes. This allows you to tailor the info type to meet specific organizational requirements. If your company needs to capture additional ID types or data fields beyond the standard ones, you can achieve this through customization.

Key Considerations

  • Data Privacy: Handle employee identification data in Infotype 0185 with the utmost sensitivity, complying with applicable data privacy regulations like GDPR.
  • Accessibility Restrict access to Infotype 0185 based on authorized roles and responsibilities within the HR department or other relevant teams.
  • Maintenance: Establish a process for regularly updating and maintaining the accuracy of data stored in Infotype 0185, particularly for expiring documents.

In Conclusion

Infotype 0185 is a cornerstone in effectively managing employee identification data within SAP HR. Organizations can optimize HR compliance, strengthen security measures, and streamline a wide range of HR processes by understanding its purpose, structure, and customization capabilities.

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