1H 2022 Successfactors


1H 2022 Successfactors

SuccessFactors 2022: A Year of Transformation and Refinement

SAP SuccessFactors continued its trajectory of innovation and enhancement throughout 2022, delivering valuable updates to its robust suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) modules. While there may not have been a single groundbreaking feature, this year’s releases focused on streamlining workflows, improving user experiences, and expanding localization support—all critical elements for global HR teams.

Key Highlights from 2022

Let’s explore some noteworthy changes across the various SuccessFactors modules:

  • Employee Central:
    • Global Focus: Country/region-specific enhancements continued to be a theme, improving compliance and tailoring experiences to local regulations.
    • Visibility Controls: More granular control over field visibility with enhanced business rules and streamlined workflows.
    • Retroactive Benefit Enrollments: The ability to update benefit enrollments retroactively became a welcome addition for complex benefits management and payroll integration.
  • Performance & Goals:
    • Capability Picker: This revamped tool (formerly the Competency Picker) made it much easier to integrate skills, behaviors, and competencies directly into performance forms.
    • Continuous Performance Management Enhancements: Continued improvements supported a more ongoing, feedback-oriented performance development culture.
  • Onboarding (1H and 2H):
    • Offboarding Integration (2H): The 2H (second half) release added offboarding workflows, rounding out the module’s full employee lifecycle.
    • Flexibility and Personalization: New configuration options and user interface tailoring made the new hire experience smoother and more engaging.
  • Other Notable Enhancements
    • User Experience (UX): Consistent refinements to the UI aimed at making SuccessFactors more intuitive and pleasant to use.
    • Localization: Expanded language and country-specific support for an increasingly global workforce.

How Did 2022 Releases Benefit HR?

The 2022 SuccessFactors releases focused on several key benefits for HR professionals:

  • Efficiency and Optimization: Streamlined processes, automated workflows, and reduced administrative overburden.
  • Compliance and Data Integrity: Localization updates and better data management tools supported legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Employee Experience: Increased personalization, intuitive self-service features, and ongoing feedback mechanisms improved the employee experience from onboarding to offboarding and across the employee lifecycle.

The Takeaway

While not a year of groundbreaking new features, SuccessFactors in 2022 solidified its position as a mature and comprehensive HCM platform. These releases focused on refining critical processes and aligning with the needs of an evolving, global workforce.

Organizations need to review the full release notes for all SuccessFactors modules to ensure they fully understand and leverage all available changes.

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