262 Movement Type in SAP PP


262 Movement Type in SAP PP

Understanding the 262 Movement Type in SAP PP

Managing inventory accurately is crucial in the fast-paced world of production planning (PP). SAP PP offers a robust system for tracking material movements; movement types play a vital role in this process. Today, we’ll delve into the specific function of the 262 movement type.

What is the 262 Movement Type?

The 262 movement type signifies a goods issue reversal. In simpler terms, it allows you to take back previously issued materials against a production order reservation. This functionality is helpful in scenarios where materials were issued but not consumed in production.

When to Use the 262 Movement Type?

There are several situations where the 262 movement type comes in handy:

  • Production order cancellation: If a production order is scrapped or needs to be canceled, you can use the 262 movement type to reverse the goods issue for the unused materials.
  • Material over-issuance: Sometimes, more materials are issued than are required for production. The 262 movement type helps you return the extra materials to inventory.
  • Change in production plan: Production plans can be dynamic, and material needs might change. If you realize you no longer require certain issued materials, the 262 movement type facilitates returning them.

How to Perform a 262 Movement?

You can perform a 262 movement using MIGO (Goods Movement) or MB1A (Material Document) transactions. Here’s a basic overview of the process:

  1. Select the 262 movement type in the transaction.
  2. Enter the relevant details like production order number, material code, and quantity to be reversed.
  3. The system will display the originally issued batch (if applicable) and other relevant information.
  4. Once you confirm the details, the system will post the goods issue reversal, updating your inventory levels accordingly.

Essential Considerations for the 262 Movement Type

  • The 262 movement type shouldn’t be used for a goods receipt. There are dedicated movement types for that purpose (e.g., 101).
  • The system typically doesn’t check for shelf life expiry dates when performing a 262 movement.
  • Customizing options (transaction OMJJ) are available to activate specific fields for the 262 movement type, such as an external amount field.


The 262 movement type is a valuable tool in SAP PP for managing production order materials effectively. By understanding its purpose and functionality, you can ensure accurate inventory tracking and efficient production processes. If you’re an SAP PP user, strategically leverage the 262 movement type for optimal material management.

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