311 Movement Type in SAP PP


311 Movement Type in SAP PP

Understanding the 311 Movement Type in SAP PP

In the world of SAP Production Planning (PP), managing inventory movement across various locations is crucial. The system utilizes movement types to categorize these movements, and understanding each type is essential for efficient stock control. Today, we’ll delve into the specifics of the 311 Movement Type.

What is the 311 Movement Type?

The 311 movement type signifies a transfer posting within a plant. It’s used to move stock from one unrestricted-use storage location to another unrestricted-use storage location. This means the material is being shifted internally without any change in ownership or valuation.

Key Points about the 311 Movement Type:

  • Internal Movement: Restricted to transfers within a single plant.
  • Unrestricted Stock: Applicable only for unrestricted-use stock categories.
  • No Accounting Document: Unlike some movement types, 311 doesn’t generate a separate accounting document.
  • Inventory Update: The stock quantity is updated in the receiving storage location, reflecting the movement.
  • Transaction Code: You can use the MB1B transaction code to perform a transfer posting with the 311 movement type.

Common Use Cases for the 311 Movement Type:

  • Stock Replenishment: Moving inventory from a central warehouse to a production line or finished goods storage area.
  • Stock Consolidation: Bringing together scattered stocks of the same material into a single storage location for better management.
  • Production Planning: Transferring materials between storage locations within a production area to optimize production flow.

Things to Consider with the 311 Movement Type:

  • While the 311 movement type reflects a physical movement of goods, it may not always necessitate a physical transfer. In specific scenarios, the system might just update inventory records electronically.
  • The 311 movement type doesn’t impact open sales orders or confirmed deliveries.


The 311 movement type plays a vital role in managing stock movements within a plant in SAP PP. By understanding its purpose and limitations, you can effectively utilize it to optimize inventory control and streamline production processes. If you’re an SAP PP user, familiarizing yourself with the 311 movement type will contribute to efficient inventory management within your organization.

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