/566 Wage Type In SAP HR


/566 Wage Type In SAP HR

Understanding the /566 Wage Type in SAP HR: When Pay Gets Complicated

In the world of SAP HR and payroll processing, numerous wage types handle the various components of employee compensation. One such wage type, the /566, is critical in specific payroll scenarios. Let’s delve deeper into what it is and why it matters.

What is the /566 Wage Type?

The /566 wage type in SAP HR is a technical wage type with the description “Carry-over from previous period.” Essentially, it’s a mechanism for transferring a portion of an employee’s earnings calculated in a previous payroll period to the current payroll period.

Why Does /566 Exist?

Here are some common scenarios where the /566 wage type comes into play:

  • Partial-Month Payrolls: If an employee joins mid-monthly, their first paycheck might only reflect earnings for half the standard pay period. The /566 wage type ensures that the remaining portion of their pay is carried over to the next payroll cycle for full compensation.
  • Retroactive Pay Adjustments: When an employee gets a retroactive salary increase or a bonus payment that applies to a prior payroll period, the /566 wage type facilitates the proper calculation and addition of that amount to their current pay.
  • Specific Payroll Logic: Certain company policies or payroll rules could necessitate the carryover of earnings from one period to the next. The /566 wage type provides a technical solution for these requirements.

How Does /566 Work in Conjunction with Other Wage Types?

The /566 wage type is often closely linked to these wage types:

  • /565 Carry-over for next month: This wage type indicates an amount calculated in the current payroll period but designated for payment in the following period.
  • /562 Retro. diff. to prev. period: This wage type represents the difference in pay that needs to be retroactively added from a previous period.


Let’s say an employee joins your company on the 15th of the month. When you run payroll for that month, their net pay is calculated based on half a month’s work. The remaining amount is designated with the /565 wage type (Carry-over for next month). When payroll is processed for the following month, the amount listed under /565 is automatically transferred into the /566 wage type (Carry-over from previous period) and added to the employee’s regular pay.

Key Points to Note

  • The /566 wage type is technical and is usually not directly entered or maintained. The SAP payroll system generates it.
  • Careful configuration and customization within SAP HR’s payroll schema are essential for correctly using the /566 wage type.
  • Troubleshooting or analyzing payroll results involving the /566 wage type might require the assistance of a payroll functional consultant or an SAP HR expert.

Let’s Wrap Up

While the /566 wage type might seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of SAP HR and payroll, it plays a vital role in ensuring accurate employee compensation. Understanding its purpose and how it functions within payroll processes is important for organizations that utilize SAP HR.

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