ABAP on HANA Certification E HANAAW 17


ABAP on HANA Certification E HANAAW 17

  • SAP’s in-memory database, HANA, has fundamentally changed the way ABAP developers approach programming. Optimizing ABAP code to leverage HANA’s power is a highly in-demand skill. The E_HANAAW_17 certification (“SAP Certified Development Specialist – ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0”) is your way to validate this expertise and elevate your career in the SAP ecosystem.

    Why Consider the E_HANAAW_17 Certification?

    • Career Growth: This certification showcases your ability to develop efficient and performant ABAP solutions tailored for SAP HANA environments. It opens doors to more challenging and lucrative roles as an ABAP consultant.
    • Skill Validation: The certification demonstrates your in-depth knowledge of HANA-specific ABAP programming concepts and techniques.
    • Competitive Edge: Gain a tangible advantage in the SAP job market.
    • Staying Current: Demonstrate your commitment to keeping your ABAP skills aligned with SAP’s cutting-edge technologies.

    What Does the E_HANAAW_17 Exam Cover?

    The exam focuses on these critical areas:

    • SAP HANA Basics and Technical Concepts: Understand HANA architecture, modeling, administration tools, and data provisioning.
    • SAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver: Mastery of tools like ABAP Development Tools (ADT) in Eclipse.
    • SAP HANA Information Models and Database Procedures: Design and create HANA Calculation views, Stored Procedures, and SQLScript.
    • ABAP Programming based on SAP HANA Artifacts: Develop Code-Pushdown techniques, ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP), Core Data Services (CDS views), and OpenSQL optimizations for HANA.

    How to Prepare for the E_HANAAW_17

    1. Training:
      • Enroll in the dedicated SAP training courses designed for this certification.
      • Find online training platforms offering E_HANAAW_17-focused preparation material.
    1. Hands-On Experience:
      • Work on projects that involve real-world ABAP on HANA development. Practice is crucial.
    1. Exam Resources:
    1. Practice Exams:
      • Look for reliable practice exams to gauge your readiness and identify improvement areas.

    Tips for Success

    • Strong ABAP Foundation: Ensure you have a robust understanding of traditional ABAP concepts.
    • Focus on HANA-Specific Optimizations: The key is to understand how to tailor ABAP code for HANA.
    • Time management: Become familiar with the exam format and pace yourself accordingly.

    The Value Proposition

    The E_HANAAW_17 certification proves your proficiency in writing modern ABAP code for HANA-powered SAP systems. It boosts your credibility and career potential. For ABAP developers ready to embrace the power of HANA, this certification is a strategic investment.

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