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Ariba Pricing

Understanding Ariba Pricing: A Guide for Suppliers

SAP Ariba is a dominant force in the procurement software space, offering a cloud-based marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers worldwide. However, it can be a little daunting for suppliers to understand the costs of adopting the Ariba Network. Let’s unravel the pricing structure to help you make informed decisions.

Tiered Pricing Model

Ariba utilizes a tiered pricing system to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and transaction volumes. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Free (Standard Account): Suppliers can use the basic features of the Ariba Network without any cost if they transact less than five documents (purchase orders, invoices, etc.) and have an annual transaction volume of fewer than USD 50,000 with any single buyer.
  • Enterprise Accounts: These come in four different subscription levels:
    • Bronze: USD 50 annually for 5-24 documents per year.
    • Silver: USD 750 annually for 25-99 documents per year.
    • Gold: USD 2,250 annually for 100-499 documents per year.
    • Platinum: USD 5,500 annually for 500+ documents per year.

Transaction Fees

Beyond subscription fees, Ariba applies transaction fees for Enterprise Accounts. These fees are a percentage of your total transaction volume with a buyer. Currently, the transaction fee is 0.155% for most document types and 0.35% if you include Service Entry Sheets (SES).

Factors Affecting Your Bill

Several factors influence how much you’ll pay as an Ariba supplier:

  • Transaction Volume: Your costs increase as you exchange more documents, and your overall transaction value rises.
  • Subscription Tier: Higher tiers provide additional features and capabilities but come at a higher cost.
  • Document Types: Service Entry Sheets incur a higher transaction fee.
  • Maximum Fees: Ariba caps fees for each buyer relationship, generally at $20,000 annually.

Is Ariba Worth It?

While Ariba has associated costs, consider these potential benefits:

  • Access to Large Buyers: The Ariba Network connects you to a vast pool of global buyers.
  • Streamlined Procurement: Ariba can automate and simplify your order-to-cash processes, saving time and resources.
  • Improved Efficiency: Electronic transactions reduce errors and increase overall process efficiency.

Making the Decision

Before joining Ariba, carefully evaluate the following:

  • Current Transaction Volume: Estimate your expected number of documents and total transaction value.
  • Potential Growth: Consider whether your business is progressing and whether Ariba can facilitate this expansion.
  • Budget: Assess whether Ariba’s pricing aligns with your financial resources.


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