AWS IoT (Internet of Things) does not support direct SSH access to IoT devices. AWS IoT is a cloud platform that provides services and tools to securely connect and manage IoT devices, but it does not offer native SSH functionality.

AWS IoT primarily uses MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) for communication between IoT devices and the AWS cloud. MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol designed for IoT devices and is focused on efficient, reliable communication.

If you need to access your IoT devices remotely for maintenance, configuration, or troubleshooting, you’ll typically need to implement a secure communication mechanism such as a REST API, MQTT, or other custom protocols through AWS IoT. Additionally, you can use AWS IoT Device Management services like Device Shadows, Jobs, or Fleet Indexing to manage your IoT devices remotely.

If you want to remotely access the underlying infrastructure of your IoT devices, you’d have to set up an additional method, like SSH, yourself. For example, you could use AWS EC2 instances to create a secure bastion host or a VPN gateway to access the devices securely.

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