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Azure DevOps, now known as Azure DevOps Services, is a set of development tools and services provided by Microsoft to help software development teams plan, develop, test, deliver, and monitor applications. It covers the entire application lifecycle, from idea generation to deployment and monitoring. Azure DevOps provides a suite of services that facilitate collaboration, automation, and integration among development and IT teams.

The core components of Azure DevOps include:

  1. Azure Boards: This is a work tracking system that allows teams to plan, track, and manage work across the entire development process. It supports agile methodologies and provides features like user stories, tasks, bugs, and customizable dashboards.

  2. Azure Repos: This is a version control system that supports Git repositories for source code management. It provides features like pull requests, code reviews, branching, and merging.

  3. Azure Pipelines: This is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that allows you to automate the building, testing, and deployment of your applications. It supports building and deploying code to various environments, including on-premises servers and cloud services like Azure.

  4. Azure Test Plans: This component provides tools for manual and automated testing of applications. It helps teams manage test cases, track test execution, and identify issues.

  5. Azure Artifacts: This is a package management system that allows teams to create, host, and share packages, such as libraries and binaries. It supports various package formats and integrates with development workflows.

  6. Azure DevTest Labs: While not a core component, it’s often used in conjunction with Azure DevOps. This service allows you to create and manage development and test environments quickly in Azure.

Azure DevOps promotes collaboration, automation, and agility in software development by providing a unified platform for different stages of the development lifecycle. It’s widely used by software development teams to streamline their processes, improve code quality, and accelerate the delivery of software products.

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