Azure Databricks Pricing


          Azure Databricks Pricing

 Here’s a breakdown of Azure Databricks pricing, along with factors that can influence your costs:

Pricing Models

Azure Databricks offers flexible pricing models to fit your needs:

  • Pay-as-You-Go: The most flexible model. You’re charged for:
    • Virtual Machines (VMs) running your clusters.
    • Databricks Units (DBUs): Units of processing capacity are billed per second based on the instance type you choose.
  • Commit Plans:  Offers discounted rates (up to 37%) in exchange for committing to a specific DBU usage for a 1- or 3-year term.

Cost Factors

  • VM Instance Types: The power of the instance types (Standard, Premium, etc.) will influence the cost. More powerful instances cost more per hour.
    • Compute Types: All-Purpose Compute: Best for general interactive workloads, data science, and machine learning.
    • Jobs Compute: Cost-effective for automated production ETL jobs.
    • Jobs Light Compute: Best for smaller, less demanding ETL jobs.
  • Auto-termination: Turn on auto-termination to save costs when clusters are idle.
  • Region: Azure Databricks pricing can differ slightly based on the area.

Pricing Examples (approximate, can vary based on region)

Compute TypeStandard Instance (DBU/hr)Premium Instance (DBU/hr)


All-Purpose Compute




Jobs Compute




Jobs Light Compute




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How to Optimize Your Costs

  • Choose the suitable instance types:  Select more minor instances for less demanding tasks.
  • Use auto-scaling:  Automatically adjust cluster size based on workload.
  • Turn on auto-termination: Avoid paying for idle clusters.
  • Consider Commit Plans: Commit Plans offer savings if you have predictable usage.
  • Spot Instances: Consider using Azure Spot Instances for certain workloads to save costs.

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