Azure Databricks Terraform


         Azure Databricks Terraform

You can use Terraform to provision and manage Azure Databricks workspaces and associated resources. Here’s an overview of the process and the tools involved:


  • AzureRM Provider: This provider is used to manage Azure resources, including the Databricks workspace itself.
  • Databricks Provider: This provider interacts with the Databricks workspace to manage clusters, jobs, permissions, and other Databricks-specific resources.


  1. Setup:

    • Install Terraform on your system.
    • Configure Azure credentials (e.g., using az login) and Databricks credentials (e.g., personal access token).
  2. Create Configuration:

    • Write Terraform configuration files (,, etc.) to define:
      • Azure resources: resource group, virtual network, storage account (if needed).
      • Databricks workspace: SKU, location, managed resource group.
      • Databricks-specific resources (optional): clusters, jobs, libraries, etc.
  3. Initialize Terraform:

    • Run terraform init to download the required providers and initialize the working directory.
  4. Plan and Apply:

    • Run terraform plan to preview the changes that will be made.
    • Run terraform apply to create or update the resources.

Example (Basic Workspace Creation):

# Configure providers
provider "azurerm" {
  features {}

provider "databricks" {
  host = azurerm_databricks_workspace.example.workspace_url
  token = var.databricks_token

# Create resource group
resource "azurerm_resource_group" "example" {
  name     = "databricks-rg"
  location = "West Europe"

# Create Databricks workspace
resource "azurerm_databricks_workspace" "example" {
  name                               = "databricks-ws"
  resource_group_name               =
  location                          = azurerm_resource_group.example.location
  sku                               = "standard"
  managed_resource_group_name       = "databricks-managed-rg"
  public_network_access_enabled     = true

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