Azure DevOps Calendar


    Azure DevOps Calendar

Azure DevOps does not have a built-in calendar feature specifically designed for tracking project timelines or schedules. However, there are several ways you can manage and visualize project timelines, deadlines, and other important dates within the Azure DevOps environment:

Alternative Methods to Create a Calendar-like View in Azure DevOps

  1. Azure Boards for Work Item Tracking:

    • You can use Azure Boards to track work items like tasks, bugs, and features.
    • While it doesn’t offer a traditional calendar view, you can use iterations and sprints to schedule and track work over time.
    • The iteration path for each work item and the sprint dates can help in visualizing the timeline.
  2. Dashboards and Widgets:

    • Azure DevOps Dashboards can be customized with various widgets to provide an overview of project progress, sprint timelines, and upcoming deadlines.
    • While not a calendar in the traditional sense, this can provide a high-level view of project timelines.
  3. Integrations with External Calendar Tools:

    • Azure DevOps can be integrated with external tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar for calendar functionalities.
    • You can use marketplace extensions or APIs to create integrations that, for instance, sync work items with calendar events.
  4. Extensions from Azure DevOps Marketplace:

    • There might be third-party extensions available in the Azure DevOps Marketplace that offer calendar-like features or integrations.
    • These extensions can be added to your Azure DevOps organization to enhance its capabilities.
  5. Power BI Reports:

    • If you have Power BI, you can create custom reports and dashboards using Azure DevOps data.
    • These reports can include timeline views, Gantt charts, or other visualizations that mimic a calendar.

Best Practices for Tracking Project Schedules

  • Regular Updates: Keep your work items, iterations, and sprints updated to accurately reflect project timelines.
  • Clear Milestones: Use milestones or tags in Azure Boards to highlight key dates or deadlines.
  • Dashboard Customization: Customize your Azure DevOps dashboard to include widgets that help track progress towards important dates.


  • The lack of a native calendar view means that you need to either adapt the available Azure DevOps tools or integrate with external solutions to manage project dates effectively.

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