Azure DevOps UI


           Azure DevOps UI

Azure DevOps provides a web-based user interface (UI) that allows users to manage and track their software development projects and DevOps pipelines. The UI is accessible through a web browser and offers a wide range of features for project management, version control, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), testing, and more. Here are some key elements and features of the Azure DevOps UI:

  1. Dashboard:

    • The Azure DevOps dashboard serves as the landing page when you log in. It provides an overview of your projects, recent activity, and customizable widgets to display relevant information.
  2. Project Navigation:

    • Users can access their projects and navigate between them from the top left corner of the UI. Projects are organized into collections, and each collection can contain multiple projects.
  3. Project Home:

    • Each project has a dedicated home page where you can access project-specific information, including project settings, repositories, boards, pipelines, and more.
  4. Azure Boards:

    • Azure Boards is a project management tool that helps teams plan, track, and manage work items, such as user stories, tasks, bugs, and features. The Boards UI provides a Kanban board, sprint planning, and backlog management.
  5. Azure Repos:

    • Azure Repos is the version control system within Azure DevOps. It provides Git and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) repositories. The Repos UI allows you to browse and manage code repositories, branches, and pull requests.
  6. Azure Pipelines:

    • Azure Pipelines enables CI/CD automation. The Pipelines UI allows you to create and manage build and release pipelines. You can configure pipeline triggers, stages, and tasks directly from the UI.
  7. Azure Test Plans:

    • Azure Test Plans is a test management tool for planning, tracking, and managing test cases and test suites. The Test Plans UI provides test case management, test execution, and reporting capabilities.
  8. Azure Artifacts:

    • Azure Artifacts is a package management service. The Artifacts UI allows you to create and manage feeds for hosting packages, such as NuGet, npm, and Maven packages.
  9. Wiki:

    • Azure DevOps includes a wiki for project documentation and collaboration. The Wiki UI allows you to create, edit, and organize documentation pages.
  10. Extensions and Marketplace:

    • Azure DevOps supports extensions and integrations. You can access the Azure DevOps Marketplace from the UI to discover and install extensions for additional functionality.
  11. Settings and Administration:

    • Project settings and administration options can be accessed from the UI. Project administrators can configure security, permissions, notifications, and other project-specific settings.
  12. User Profile:

    • Users can access their user profile and settings by clicking on their profile picture in the top right corner. From here, they can manage personal preferences, security settings, and notifications.
  13. Search:

    • The search feature in Azure DevOps allows users to search for work items, code, and other project-related content quickly.
  14. Notifications and Activity Feed:

    • Users receive notifications and updates about project activity through the activity feed. Notifications can be customized based on user preferences.
  15. Keyboard Shortcuts:

    • Azure DevOps provides keyboard shortcuts to navigate and perform actions more efficiently. Users can access a list of keyboard shortcuts from the UI.

The Azure DevOps UI is designed to provide a collaborative and integrated environment for software development and DevOps teams. It allows users to manage the entire software development lifecycle from planning and coding to building, testing, and deployment, all within a web-based interface.

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