Azure Microsoft Com


Azure Microsoft Com

Here’s what you can typically find on the Azure Microsoft website:

  1. Product Information: Information about Azure’s wide range of cloud services, including virtual machines, databases, AI and machine learning, analytics, and more.

  2. Documentation: Detailed documentation and guides for using Azure services and features. This includes tutorials, how-to guides, and reference materials.

  3. Pricing: Pricing details for Azure services, including the cost calculator to estimate your potential expenses based on your usage.

  4. Solutions and Use Cases: Information about industry-specific solutions and use cases for Azure, such as Azure for healthcare, finance, retail, and more.

  5. Azure Portal: Access to the Azure portal, where you can manage and deploy your Azure resources, monitor performance, and configure settings.

  6. Developer Resources: Resources for developers, including SDKs, APIs, and tools to build and deploy applications on Azure.

  7. Case Studies and Customer Stories: Real-world examples and success stories of organizations using Azure for their cloud solutions.

  8. Azure Blog and News: Updates, announcements, and blog posts related to Azure services and features.

  9. Support and Community: Information about Azure support plans, forums, and community resources where you can seek help and interact with other Azure users.

Azure Training Demo Day 1 Video

You can find more information about Microsoft Azure in this Microsoft Azure Link



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