Azure Sphere


Azure Sphere

Azure Sphere is a comprehensive solution provided by Microsoft for building secure, connected, and intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It combines hardware, software, and cloud services to create a secure and trustworthy ecosystem for IoT devices, addressing some of the most critical challenges in IoT security. Here are key components and features of Azure Sphere:

  1. Hardware:

    • Azure Sphere starts with dedicated microcontroller units (MCUs) called “Azure Sphere chips.” These chips are designed with built-in security features, including hardware-based root of trust, hardware-based cryptography, and a secure enclave for storing sensitive information.
  2. Operating System:

    • Azure Sphere runs on a custom Linux-based operating system known as the “Azure Sphere OS.” This OS is designed to provide security, connectivity, and device management capabilities while minimizing the attack surface.
  3. Security Subsystem:

    • Azure Sphere includes a security subsystem known as the “Pluton Security Subsystem.” This hardware-based subsystem provides secure boot, secure storage, and hardware-based authentication, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of device software.
  4. Azure Sphere Security Service:

    • The Azure Sphere Security Service is a cloud-based service that manages device security and provides over-the-air (OTA) updates for device security and functionality. It regularly updates the device OS to address known vulnerabilities and ensures that devices are always up-to-date.
  5. Azure Sphere Development Kit:

    • Microsoft offers Azure Sphere development kits for building and prototyping secure IoT devices. These kits include Azure Sphere hardware, development boards, and software tools for application development.
  6. Azure IoT Integration:

    • Azure Sphere devices seamlessly integrate with Azure IoT services, allowing data from IoT devices to be processed, analyzed, and visualized in Azure services like Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, and Azure IoT Edge.
  7. Custom Applications:

    • Developers can build custom applications for Azure Sphere devices using Visual Studio and the Azure Sphere SDK. These applications can leverage Azure IoT services for data processing and device management.
  8. Security-Certified Development:

    • Azure Sphere promotes security-aware development practices through its certification program, which helps developers build secure applications for IoT devices.
  9. Device Lifecycle Management:

    • The Azure Sphere Security Service provides device lifecycle management capabilities, making it easy to provision, configure, monitor, and update a fleet of IoT devices securely.

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