BMC Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


   BMC Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

BMC (Bare Metal Compute) in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure refers to dedicated physical servers that provide the performance of on-premises, high-end hardware in the cloud. This service is designed to offer high-performance, high availability, and cost-effective compute solutions.

Key Features of BMC in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  1. High Performance: Bare metal instances can be provisioned with powerful CPUs and memory options, suitable for demanding workloads.
  2. Storage Options: Offers high-speed local NVMe-based SSDs and options for block storage that can be dynamically adjusted.
  3. Network: Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) and FastConnect services ensure a high-speed and secure network architecture.
  4. Security: It offers isolated network virtualization and highly secure access with industry-standard encryption methods.
  5. Flexibility: Compatible with various OS options, and you can install custom software, giving you the freedom similar to a traditional physical server.
  6. Scalability: Easily resizable and can be integrated with other services like Oracle Databases, containers, etc.
  7. Cost-effective: Pay only for the compute and storage capacity you use. Various pricing options, including pay-as-you-go and reserved instances.
  8. API and SDK support: Comprehensive REST API and SDKs are available for automation and orchestration of services.

Use Cases:

  • High-performance computing
  • Big data analytics
  • Database applications
  • Application development and testing
  • ERP systems


The pricing is based on an hourly or monthly rate, depending on the type and configuration of the instance you choose. Oracle offers a cost estimator on their website for more details.

Getting Started:

You can provision BMC instances through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, CLI, or API. You will need to specify the OS, instance type, VCN, and other options while creating an instance.

Documentation and Support:

Oracle provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and community forums for users to get started and troubleshoot any issues.

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You can find more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure application in this Oracle Docs Link



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