Bricks Builder Dynamic Data


         Bricks Builder Dynamic Data

  • Here’s a breakdown of dynamic data in Bricks Builder, covering essential concepts and how to use it effectively:

    What is Dynamic Data?

    • Content from your database:  Dynamic data lets you pull content directly from your WordPress database (posts, pages, custom post types, user data, taxonomies, etc.) and display it throughout your website.
    • Custom fields: This extends to custom fields created with plugins like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Meta Box, Pods, Toolset, etc.
    • Real-time updates: Changes in your WordPress dashboard will automatically reflect on your website’s front end.

    Why Use Dynamic Data?

    • Streamlined Workflow: No need to manually update content in multiple places. Edit once, and the changes appear everywhere that dynamic data is used.
    • Powerful Templating: Create templates that apply to all posts/pages of a particular type, saving you vast design time.
    • Flexible Content: Easily create complex layouts and relationships between different content types.

    How to Use Dynamic Data in Bricks Builder

    1. The Lightning Bolt: Look for the lightning bolt icon in Bricks Builder’s settings panels. This opens the dynamic data picker.
    2. Data Sources: The picker displays available dynamic data sources based on the context, like the element you’re editing and the post type.
    3. Supported Fields: Bricks seamlessly integrates with the most popular custom field plugins.
    4. Custom Dynamic Data Tags: If you need unique data that is not provided by default, you can create custom dynamic data tags with some coding knowledge.

    Practical Examples

    • Post Titles: Dynamically insert the title of the current post or page into a heading element.
    • Featured Images: Automatically display the post’s featured image.
    • Custom Fields (ACF/Meta Box, etc.): Populate content from text fields, image galleries, date pickers, and almost any custom field you’ve created.
    • Author Information: Display the author’s name, avatar, or biographical details.
    • Query Loops: Build dynamic listings of posts, custom post types, or other content with advanced filtering options powered by dynamic data.

    Key Things to Remember

    • Integration:  Ensure Bricks Builder recognizes your custom field plugin to make the dynamic data accessible.
    • Context: The available dynamic data options change depending on where you work in the builder (e.g., single post template vs. the title of a regular heading element).

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