Cherry Pick in Azure DevOps


    Cherry Pick in Azure DevOps

Cherry picking in Azure DevOps refers to the process of selecting and applying specific changesets or commits from one branch to another. This is typically done when you want to bring specific changes from one branch, often a development branch, into another branch, such as a release or main branch.

To perform cherry picking in Azure DevOps, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Identify the Changes: Determine which changesets or commits you want to bring into the target branch. Make a note of their corresponding commit IDs or changeset numbers.

  2. Create a New Branch: Create a new branch from the target branch where you want to apply the cherry-picked changes.

  3. Apply the Changes: In Azure DevOps, navigate to the target branch and use the “Cherry Pick” feature to apply the selected changes from the source branch. This might involve selecting specific commits or changesets and initiating the cherry-pick operation.

  4. Resolve Conflicts: If there are any conflicts between the changes being cherry-picked and the existing code in the target branch, you’ll need to resolve them. This might involve manual intervention to ensure the code remains functional and coherent.

  5. Review and Test: Once the cherry-picked changes are applied and conflicts are resolved, thoroughly review the code changes and perform necessary testing to ensure everything works as expected.

  6. Commit and Push: Once you’re satisfied with the cherry-picked changes, commit them to the target branch and push the changes to the Azure DevOps repository.

It’s important to note that while cherry picking can be a helpful way to selectively bring changes into different branches, it’s not a substitute for proper branch management and continuous integration practices. It’s recommended to maintain a clear branching strategy and regularly merge changes between branches to avoid accumulation of technical debt.

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