Create Users in OCI


Create Users in OCI

Creating users in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a process that is typically performed by an administrator or someone with the necessary permissions within the OCI console. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create users in OCI:

  1. Sign In to the Console:

    • You need to sign in to the OCI console using your cloud account credentials.
  2. Access Identity & Security:

    • In the console, navigate to the menu and select “Identity & Security,” or just “Identity” in some versions.
  3. Go to Users:

    • Click on “Users” to see the list of current users and the option to create a new user.
  4. Create a New User:

    • Click on “Create User.”
    • Provide the necessary information for the new user, such as:
      • Name: A unique, unchangeable name for the user within your tenancy.
      • Description: A description of the user, which can be changed later.
      • Email: (Optional) The user’s email address. This is not required for creating the user but is needed if the user will be invited to join the tenancy via an email invitation.
      • Tags: (Optional) If your organization uses tags to organize resources.
  5. Add to Groups (Optional):

    • If you already have groups set up with certain permissions, you can add the user to these groups to grant them the corresponding privileges.
  6. Provide User Information:

    • After creation, provide the user with their Oracle Cloud Identifier (OCID) and the URL to the console.
  7. User Credentials:

    • For the user to access the console, they will need to create a password. As an admin, you can send them a one-time password or have them reset it upon first login if that’s supported in your environment.
  8. Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (Optional):

    • For additional security, you might require the user to set up MFA.
  9. Policies and Permissions:

    • Ensure that policies are in place that gives the new user the necessary permissions to access resources.
  10. Notify User:

    • Notify the new user with their login details and instructions on how to proceed.

Keep in mind that user creation and permission management should be done in accordance with the principle of least privilege, granting only the permissions necessary to perform job functions.

Create Users in OCI

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