Database Technology Underlies Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Database


Database Technology Underlies Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Database

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Database leverages advanced database technology to provide a self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing database service. This technology is built on Oracle’s Exadata platform and optimized for Oracle Database, allowing it to offer high performance, reliability, and security features.

The autonomous capabilities of the database are one of its distinguishing features. For instance, it can automatically apply patches, tune itself for better performance, and encrypt data to enhance security—all without human intervention. This level of automation reduces the administrative overhead and allows developers and data scientists to focus more on deriving insights from data rather than managing the database itself.

Moreover, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a robust and scalable environment for the Autonomous Database to run on, offering benefits like automated backups, disaster recovery, and seamless scaling options. The tight integration between the Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also allows for simpler and more efficient data management.

Given the self-managing and self-optimizing capabilities, this technology is particularly beneficial for enterprises that require a robust, scalable, and secure database solution without the need for extensive database administration skills.

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