Databricks 14.3 LTS ML


              Databricks 14.3 LTS ML

Databricks Runtime 14.3 LTS ML is a machine learning runtime for Databricks clusters. It’s designed to provide a stable and optimized environment for machine learning workloads, including popular ML libraries like sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow, and XGBoost. Key features and benefits include:

Key Features:

  • Long-Term Support (LTS): Ensures stability and compatibility for extended periods.
  • Optimized for ML: Includes a curated set of ML libraries and tools.
  • Python Package Management: Uses virtualenv to manage Python dependencies.
  • Popular ML Packages: Includes hyperopt, sparkdl, and automl.
  • Integration with Databricks Platform: Seamlessly integrates with other Databricks features like Delta Lake, MLflow, and AutoML.


  • Simplified Setup: Reduces the effort of setting up a machine learning environment.
  • Stable Environment: Ensures reproducibility and reliability of ML workflows.
  • Optimized Performance: Leverages Databricks’ optimized infrastructure for faster ML training and inference.
  • Collaboration: Enables easier collaboration among data scientists and engineers

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