Databricks 2X-Small


             Databricks 2X-Small

Databricks 2X-Small refers to the smallest tier of compute resources available for serverless SQL warehouses in Databricks. It’s designed for small workloads and testing purposes.

Here’s what you need to know about Databricks 2X-Small:

  • Resources:
    • Uses a single worker node with a specific instance type (e.g., i3.2xlarge or Standard_E8ds_v4 depending on your cloud provider).
    • Typically comes with a limited amount of memory and CPU compared to larger tiers.
  • Pricing:
    • Usually the most cost-effective option for serverless SQL warehouses.
    • Pricing may vary depending on your cloud provider and region.
  • Use Cases:
    • Ideal for exploring small datasets, running simple queries, and testing SQL code.
    • Not recommended for large-scale production workloads due to its limited resources.


  • Start with Databricks 2X-Small for initial exploration and testing.
  • Monitor the performance of your workloads and consider upgrading to a larger tier if you encounter resource constraints (e.g., slow query execution, out-of-memory errors).
  • Refer to Databricks documentation or contact their support for detailed information on instance types and pricing specific to your environment.

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