Databricks 3.0


                    Databricks 3.0

Databricks 3.0 is a significant release focusing on improving performance, data management, governance, security, and integration with Azure services. Here are some of its key highlights:

Apache Spark 3.2:

  • Improved Performance: Significant enhancements in the performance of Apache Spark SQL queries, enabling faster data processing and analysis.
  • Enhanced Features for Delta Lake: Introduction of ACID transactions, data skipping, and other features to Delta Lake, improving data reliability and efficiency.

Unified Data Governance:

  • Centralized Control: Provides a unified platform for data governance across diverse data sources, simplifying management and ensuring data quality.

Enhanced Security:

  • Customer-Managed Encryption Keys: Enables customers to manage their encryption keys, strengthening data security and privacy.
  • Other Security Enhancements: Additional security measures to protect sensitive data are included.

Improved Azure Integration:

  • Seamless Integration: Enhances integration with various Azure services, streamlining workflows and simplifying data access.

Additional Features:

  • Machine Learning Runtime 10.4: Includes an updated runtime with the latest libraries and faster model training capabilities.
  • Delta Live Tables: Offers real-time data pipelines for continuous data processing and analysis.
  • SQL Analytics: Provides improved query performance and governance capabilities for data analysts.

Overall, Databricks 3.0 is a significant upgrade offering enhancements to improve performance, data management, security, and integration for data-driven organizations.

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