Databricks 302 error


                Databricks 302 error

The 302 error in Databricks typically indicates a redirection issue. This can occur in several scenarios within the Databricks environment:

Common Causes and Solutions

  • Networking Issues:
    • Misconfigured Networks: Ensure proper configuration of VPC peering, private links, and DNS settings between Databricks workspaces or between Databricks and external services.
    • Firewall Rules: Check firewall rules to ensure that traffic is allowed between the necessary components.
  • Authentication Issues:
    • Incorrect Credentials: Verify that the credentials for accessing Databricks resources are valid and have the necessary permissions.
    • Session Expiration: If the session has expired, re-authenticate to resolve the issue.
  • Unity Catalog Quickstart:
    • Users have reported the 302 error when attempting to run the Unity Catalog Quickstart. Check the Databricks community forums for the latest updates and workarounds on this issue.
  • Cluster Configuration:
    • Incorrect Spark UI Configuration: If the Spark UI is misconfigured (e.g., the wrong host/port in YARN client mode), it can lead to 302 redirects. For correct configuration, refer to Databricks documentation or support.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check Network Connectivity: Verify proper network connectivity between the involved components (Databricks workspaces, external services, etc.). Use tools like ping or traceroute to test connectivity.
  2. Review Logs: Examine Databricks logs and any relevant logs from other services involved in the communication to identify the root cause of the redirection.
  3. Inspect Authentication: Double-check the credentials for accessing Databricks resources and ensure they are valid and have the required permissions.
  4. Databricks Community: Search the Databricks community forums for similar issues and potential solutions.
  5. Contact Databricks Support: If the issue persists, contact Databricks support for further assistance.

Additional Tips

  • Specific Error Messages: Pay close attention to any particular error messages accompanying the 302 error, as they can provide valuable clues about the underlying cause.
  • Recent Changes: If the error started after recent changes (e.g., network configuration updates, software upgrades), review those changes to see if they might be related.

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