Databricks 403 Invalid Access Token


   Databricks 403 Invalid Access Token

The “403 Invalid access token” error in Databricks typically arises due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Expired Token:
    • Databricks personal access tokens are usually valid for 90 days. If the token has expired, you will encounter this error.
  2. Incorrect Token Configuration:
    • Ensure that the token is correctly entered in both the password and Extra fields.
    • Verify the accuracy of the host, login, and password fields.
  3. IP Access List Restrictions:
    • If your workspace configures an IP access list, ensure that the traffic originates from an allowed IP or through an approved VPN or HTTP proxy.
  4. Token Expiration in Long-Running Jobs:
    • For jobs running longer than 48 hours, the duties token used to access secrets might expire, leading to this error.


  • Expired Token:
    • Generate a new personal access token and update your configurations accordingly.
  • Incorrect Configuration:
    • Double-check your settings in Databricks, Airflow, or any other tool you use.
  • IP Access List:
    • If the issue concerns IP restrictions, contact your Databricks administrator to grant access.
  • Long-Running Jobs:
    • Avoid using dbutils.secrets.get() in jobs exceeding 48 hours. Explore alternative methods for managing secrets in such cases.

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