Databricks 7.3 LTS ML


               Databricks 7.3 LTS ML

Databricks 7.3 LTS ML (Machine Learning) is an unsupported legacy version of Databricks Runtime specifically designed for machine learning tasks. It was declared a Long Term Support (LTS) release in October 2020, meaning it received extended support for two years until September 2022.

Key features and characteristics of Databricks 7.3 LTS ML:

  • Machine Learning Libraries: It includes various popular machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and XGBoost, making it a ready-to-use environment for machine learning and data science.
  • AutoML: Databricks 7.3 LTS ML includes AutoML, a tool that automatically builds machine learning pipelines, simplifying the model training process.
  • Distributed Deep Learning: It supports distributed deep learning training using Horovod, allowing for efficient training of large models across multiple nodes.
  • Based on Databricks Runtime 7.3 LTS: It’s built on top of the Databricks Runtime 7.3 LTS, inheriting its features and stability.
  • Unsupported: While it was an LTS release, it is no longer supported, meaning it may not receive security updates or bug fixes.

Important Considerations:

Since Databricks 7.3 LTS ML is no longer supported, it’s recommended to use the latest LTS version of Databricks Runtime ML for optimal performance, security, and compatibility with the latest libraries and tools. The current LTS version is Databricks Runtime 14.3 LTS for Machine Learning.

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