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  • Here’s a breakdown of some popular Databricks books, along with a few resources from Databricks themselves:

    Databricks-Focused Books

    • Mastering Databricks Lakehouse Platformby Ajay Singh: A comprehensive guide to the Databricks Lakehouse concept that covers data warehousing,
    •  Data engineering, machine learning, and more.
    • Ultimate Data Engineering with Databricks by Manish Kumar teaches you how to build scalable data pipelines, covering topics like Delta tables, data ingestion, security, and more.
    • Databricks Lakehouse Platform Cookbook by Alan L. Dennis: Provides practical recipes and solutions for everyday challenges and scenarios when working with the Databricks Lakehouse.

    Official Databricks Resources

    Choosing the Right Resource

    • Beginners: “The Big Book of Data Engineering” is a good starting point for understanding the core concepts. It’s also freely available.
    • For practitioners seeking specific solutions, the “Databricks Lakehouse Platform Cookbook” is a handy reference.
    • In-depth understanding: “Mastering Databricks Lakehouse Platform” and “Ultimate Data Engineering with Databricks” are excellent choices.

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