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  • The Databricks CLI (Command Line Interface) is a tool that allows you to interact with Azure Databricks from your terminal, command prompt, or even automation scripts. It provides a user-friendly way to automate tasks on the Databricks platform.

    Here’s a quick rundown of the Databricks CLI:

    • Functionality: Automates tasks on Azure Databricks, including managing clusters, jobs, files, and other resources.
      • Benefits: Simplifies workflows through the command line.
      • Enables scripting for repetitive tasks.
      • Integrates with automation tools.
    • Underlying mechanism: Wraps the Databricks REST API, providing an easier way to interact with the platform’s functionalities.

    Getting Started with Databricks CLI:

    • Installation: Using different methods, you can install the Databricks CLI on various operating systems. For specific instructions, refer to the official documentation at
    • Authentication: Once installed, you must configure authentication to connect the CLI to your Databricks workspace.
    • Usage: The CLI offers various commands for managing clusters, jobs, files, secrets, and other Databricks resources. The official documentation provides a comprehensive list of commands and their functionalities.

    Additional Resources:

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