Databricks coalesce(1)


            Databricks coalesce(1)

In Databricks, fuse (1) reduces the number of partitions in a DataFrame to a single partition. This is primarily done for the following reasons:

Optimization of Write Operations:

  • Reduced File Count: When writing data to a format like Parquet, having a single partition results in a single output file. This is often more efficient for downstream processing tools and storage systems, as it minimizes the overhead of managing multiple small files.
  • Improved Compression: With all data in a single partition, compression algorithms can work more effectively, potentially reducing the overall storage size.

Specific Use Cases:

  • Small Datasets: For datasets that fit comfortably within the memory of a single worker node, coalesce(1) can simplify processing and avoid unnecessary data shuffling across partitions.
  • Gathering Data: If you need to collect all data to the driver node for further processing or analysis, coalesce(1) ensures that all data is contained within a single partition, making it easy to collect.

Things to Consider:

  • Large Datasets: Using coalesce(1) on very large datasets may not be suitable, as it can overload the driver node’s memory if the entire dataset doesn’t fit. Repartitioning to a reasonable number of partitions might be a better approach in such cases.
  • Data Skew: If your data is heavily skewed (unevenly distributed across partitions), using coalesce(1) might lead to performance bottlenecks due to a single worker node processing a disproportionately large amount of data.

Code Example (PySpark):


df =“path/to/data”)

df = df.coalesce(1) # Reduce to a single partition

df.write.parquet(“path/to/output”) # Write as a single file


  • repartition(1): This also reduces the number of partitions to one, but it involves a complete data shuffle, which can be computationally expensive for large datasets. coalesce(1) is generally preferred, as it minimizes data movement.

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