Databricks/dolly-v1-6b is a 6 billion parameter large language model (LLM) developed by Databricks. It is based on an older open-source model but was fine-tuned on a high-quality dataset of human-generated instructions and responses. This fine-tuning enables dolly-v1-6b to demonstrate a surprising ability to follow instructions similar to ChatGPT, even though it is smaller than other instruction-following models.

Key features and information:

  • Instruction Following: The model’s strength lies in its ability to understand and respond to various instructions effectively.
  • Smaller Size: Unlike larger models with hundreds of billions of parameters, dolly-v1-6b’s smaller size makes it more accessible and easier to run on less powerful hardware.
  • Open Source: The model’s code and training data are open-sourced, allowing for transparency and community contributions.
  • Databricks Machine Learning Platform: The model was trained using the Databricks Machine Learning Platform, demonstrating its capabilities.

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