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Here’s a breakdown of how to work with Excel files in Databricks:


There are a few key ways to interact with Excel data using Databricks:

  • Importing Excel Files into Databricks:
    1. Upload to DBFS: Upload the Excel file directly to the Databricks File System (DBFS).
    2. Read using Spark: Use the Spark DataFrame API to read the Excel file. You’ll likely need a library like com. catalytic. Spark. Excel to handle the Excel format.
  • Code Example (assuming the library is installed):
  • Python
  • df =“com.crealytics.spark.excel”) \
    .option(“header”, “true”) \
    .option(“inferSchema”, “true”) \
  • Connecting to Databricks from Excel (ODBC):
    1. Install and Configure ODBC Driver: Get the Simba Spark ODBC driver for Databricks (
    2. Create a Data Source Name (DSN): Configure a DSN that points to your Databricks cluster.
    3. Connect from Excel: In Excel, use the “Get Data” functionality and choose the “From ODBC” option. Select your DSN, and use a Databricks personal access token for authentication.

Key Considerations

  • File Formats: Databricks works well with both .xlsx and .xls file formats.
  • Libraries:  You may need to install the com. Catalytic.spark.excel library or similar to handle Excel files when importing into Databricks.
  • Databricks Runtime:  Make sure your Databricks cluster has a runtime version that supports the library you want to use.
  • ODBC Setup: Configuring the ODBC connection can sometimes be tricky. Be sure to follow Databricks’ official documentation carefully.

Example Use Cases:

  • Loading Excel data for analysis: Bring your Excel spreadsheets into the Databricks environment for more robust data analysis and transformations using Spark.
  • Merging Excel data with other sources: Combine Excel data with other data sources in Databricks.
  • Exporting results to Excel: Write Databricks DataFrames back into Excel files for reporting or sharing.

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