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 Here’s how to find information about Databricks on Glassdoor and insights into what you might discover:

Accessing Databricks Reviews on Glassdoor

  1. Direct Link: Go to the Databricks company page on Glassdoor: [invalid URL removed]
  2. Search:

What to Expect on Databricks’ Glassdoor Page:

  • Overall Company Rating: An average rating of 5 stars indicates general employee satisfaction levels.
    • Individual Reviews: Detailed employee reviews covering aspects like the pros and cons of working at Databricks
    • Work-life balance
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Company culture
    • Management and leadership
    • Career growth opportunities
  • CEO Approval Rating: See how employees rate the CEO.
  • “Recommend to a Friend” Percentage: The percentage of employees who would recommend Databricks to others.
  • Salary Information: Find salary data for different roles at Databricks.
  • Interview Experiences: Get insights into the Databricks interview process shared by candidates.

How to Interpret the Information

  • Look for Trends: Focus on more than just a few isolated reviews. Look for common themes across multiple reviews to get a clearer picture.
  • Balance: Consider both the positives and negatives highlighted in reviews.
  • Specificity: Pay attention to reviews that provide specific examples and details.

Recency is a crucial factor to consider when interpreting the reviews. Recent reviews generally offer a more accurate reflection of the current company culture, as they are more likely to reflect the current state of affairs at Databricks. This can be particularly useful when you’re trying to gauge the company’s recent performance or changes in its work environment. Remember: Glassdoor reviews represent individual experiences. Your expertise at Databricks might differ. Use the information as one data point alongside your other research about the company.

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