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                  Databricks Host

In Databricks, the “host” refers to your specific Databricks workspace URL. Here’s how to find it and use it with the Databricks CLI:

Finding Your Databricks Host

  1. Log in to Databricks:  Go to your Databricks workspace.
  2. Look at the URL: Your Databricks workspace URL will be in your browser’s address bar. It will have the following format:
  3. https://<region> 
    • Replace <region> with the actual area where your Databricks workspace is located (e.g., “dbc-a1b2345c-d6e7” if it’s in Azure).

Using the Databricks CLI

The Databricks CLI is a command-line tool that lets you interact with your Databricks workspaces from your terminal. Here’s how to use your host with the CLI:

  1. Install the Databricks CLI: Follow the instructions at
  2. Configure the CLI:
    • Run databricks configure –token.
    • When prompted for “Databricks Host,” enter the URL you found earlier.
    • When prompted for “Token,” provide a Databricks personal access token (you can generate one from your Databricks workspace settings)


Let’s say your Databricks host URL is Here’s how you’d configure:


data bricks configure –token

Databricks Host (should begin with https://):

Token: <your personal access token> 

Important Notes:

  • Protect your tokens: Never share your Databricks personal access token, as it gives access to your workspace.
  • CLI for convenience: The Databricks CLI provides a simple way to manage Databricks resources (create jobs, manage clusters, upload files, etc.) from the command line.

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