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                  Databricks Image

Here’s a breakdown of how images are used in Databricks, along with explanations of key concepts:

Representing Images in Databricks

  • Raw Bytes: Databricks typically work with images as raw bytes loaded into a Spark DataFrame. This provides flexibility for different image processing tasks.
    • Image Data Source: The image data source offers a convenient way to load image data, handling various formats. It creates a DataFrame with a struct-type column containing the origin: The path to the image file.
    • Height: Image height in pixels.
    • Width: Image width in pixels.
    • nChannels: Number of color channels (e.g., 3 for RGB).
    • Mode: Encoding the image data (e.g., OpenCV’s BGR).
    • Data: The image data itself is binary.

Example with Code (Python):


df = spark. Read.format(“image”).load(“path/to/images”)

Displaying Images

The display function in Databricks notebooks can directly render images:


# Assuming you have a DataFrame ‘df’ containing image data as described above


Typical Image Use Cases on Databricks

    • Computer Vision: Object detection
    • Image classification
    • Facial recognition
    • Medical Imaging: Analysis of X-ray, MRI, or CT scans
    • Satellite Image Analysis: Land use classification
    • Change detection
    • Image ETL: Transforming and preparing images for modeling (using Auto Loader for efficiency)

Libraries and Tools

  • OpenCV: Popular image processing library, often used alongside Databricks.
  • Pillow (PIL): Another familiar image-processing library in Python.
  • Deep Learning Frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc., for image-based deep learning tasks.

Databricks Container Services

If you need to customize the libraries and packages used with images and Databricks, consider Container Services:

  1. Base Images:  Choose a base image from Databricks (e.g., databricksruntime/standard, databricksruntime/minimal) or build your own.
  2. Customization:  Include any necessary image processing libraries or deep learning frameworks in your custom container image.

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