Databricks Instructor Led Training


    Databricks Instructor Led Training

  • Here’s a comprehensive look at Databricks instructor-led training:

    What is Instructor-Led Training?

    • Live Virtual Sessions: Experienced Databricks instructors guide you through concepts and practices in real-time.
    • Interactive Learning:  Benefit from asking questions, engaging in discussions, and receiving direct feedback.
    • Focused Training: Dedicated courses cover specific aspects of Databricks for a deeper, structured learning experience.

    Types of Instructor-Led Training

    • Public Training: Open for anyone to register, with set schedules. Ideal for individuals or small teams.
    • Private Training: Tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Offers schedule flexibility and potential customization of course content mix.

    Course Offerings

    Databricks provides a range of instructor-led courses focused on different skill levels and roles:

      • Fundamentals:Introduction to Databricks
      • Data Science & Machine Learning on Databricks
      • Data Engineering on Databricks
      • Advanced Topics:Delta Lake on Databricks
      • Apache Spark Optimization
      • MLflow for Model Management
      • And more!

    How to Find Instructor-Led Courses

    Many online platforms like Unogeeks Online Training institute:

    Benefits of Instructor-Led Training

    • Subject Matter Expertise: Learn directly from experts who deeply understand Databricks.
    • Accelerated Learning:  Structured guidance can facilitate faster knowledge acquisition compared to self-study alone.
    • Networking:  Potentially connect with other professionals in the field.
    • Immediate Help: Address challenges and get clarifications on the spot.


    • Cost: Instructor-led training typically has a higher fee compared to self-paced courses.
    • Schedule:  May need to align with provided public class schedules, or coordinate with Databricks for private sessions.

    Is Instructor-Led Training Right for You?

    Consider instructor-led training if:

    • You learn best in a structured, guided environment.
    • You prefer real-time interactions with experts for guidance.
    • You want to build upon foundational knowledge quickly.
    • Your company is willing to invest in training.

Databricks Training Demo Day 1 Video:

You can find more information about Databricks Training in this Dtabricks Docs Link



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