Databricks Java


                    Databricks Java

You can still utilize Java within the Databricks environment through several approaches:

1. Databricks SDK for Java:

2. Running Java Code on Databricks Clusters:

  • You can package your Java code (Spark applications, utility classes, etc.) into JAR files and then deploy them onto your Databricks clusters.
  • You can then submit Spark jobs referencing those JARs using the Databricks CLI, SDKs, or REST API.
  • This is suitable for running existing Java-based Spark applications or libraries on Databricks.

3. Databricks Connect:

  • Databricks Connect lets you connect your local IDE (like Eclipse or IntelliJ) to a Databricks cluster.
  • This enables you to develop and run Java (or other languages) code locally while leveraging the resources of the Databricks cluster.
  • It’s a convenient way to work with Java in a familiar environment while still benefiting from Databricks’ scalability.


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