Databricks JDBC Connection


        Databricks JDBC Connection

Databricks provides a JDBC driver to connect your applications or tools to Databricks clusters using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), an industry standard.

Key steps to establish a Databricks JDBC connection:

  1. Download the JDBC driver: Get the Databricks JDBC driver from the official documentation.
  2. Gather connection details: Obtain the server hostname, HTTP path, personal access token, or other authentication credentials.
  3. Construct the JDBC URL: Formulate the JDBC URL, incorporating the server hostname, HTTP path, and authentication settings.
  4. Establish the connection: Use the JDBC URL and driver to initiate a connection to your Databricks cluster.

Example JDBC URL (using personal access token):



These resources provide detailed instructions on downloading, configuring, and using the Databricks JDBC driver. Additionally, you can find specific examples and code snippets in Python, SQL, and Scala.

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