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              Databricks Medallion

The Databricks Medallion Architecture is a data design pattern that organizes data within a lakehouse. It involves a layered approach, where data progresses through increasing quality and refinement stages. The goal is to create a single source of truth for enterprise data products.

Key concepts:

  • Bronze layer: This is the raw data layer, where data is ingested in its original format without any transformations.
  • Silver layer: In this layer, data is cleaned, validated, and transformed into a more structured format.
  • Gold layer: This layer contains refined, aggregated, and enriched data ready for consumption by business users and applications.


  • Improved data quality: The layered approach helps to ensure that data is progressively cleaned and validated, resulting in higher-quality data for analysis.
  • Increased efficiency: The structured format of the silver and gold layers makes accessing and analyzing data easier and faster.
  • Scalability: The medallion architecture can be scaled to accommodate large and complex data sets.
  • Flexibility: The architecture can be adapted to fit the specific needs of different organizations and use cases.

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