Databricks on AWS


               Databricks on AWS

Databricks on AWS is a unified data platform that seamlessly integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows you to store and manage all your data on a simple, open lakehouse platform that combines the best data warehouses and lakes to unify all your analytics and AI workloads.

Key benefits of Databricks on AWS:

  • Simple: Databricks enables a single, unified data architecture on Amazon S3 for SQL analytics, data science, and machine learning.
  • Cost-effective: Get data warehouse performance at data lake economics through SQL-optimized compute clusters.
  • Proven: Thousands of customers have implemented Databrickson AWS as their cloud lakehouse.
  • Secure: Secure your data lakehouse with integrated security and governance across all your workloads.
  • Open: Databricks on AWS works seamlessly with the most popular AWS services, like Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, and Amazon SageMaker.

How Databricks works on AWS:

Databricks runs on your AWS infrastructure, using Amazon S3 as the scalable and cost-effective storage layer for your data. It leverages AWS compute resources to run your data processing and analytics workloads. Databricks also integrates with popular AWS services like Amazon Redshift for data warehousing, Amazon EMR for big data processing, and Amazon SageMaker for machine learning.

Getting started with Databricks on AWS:

  1. Create a Databricks account on AWS.
  2. Launch a Databricks workspace in your AWS account.
  3. Connect your Databricks workspace to your Amazon S3 data lake.
  4. Start building your data pipelines, analytics workflows, and machine learning models.

Databricks Training Demo Day 1 Video:

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