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                   Databricks R

Databricks provides robust support for R programming, allowing users to leverage their existing R skills for big data analytics and machine learning tasks within the Databricks environment. Here’s how you can use R in Databricks:

Key Features and Benefits:

  • SparkR Integration: Databricks seamlessly integrates with SparkR, the R API for Apache Spark. This allows you to analyze large datasets distributedly using familiar R syntax.
  • R Notebooks: You can create and run R code directly in Databricks notebooks, making it easy to experiment, visualize data, and develop R-based applications.
  • R Libraries: Databricks provide access to many popular R libraries that have been pre-installed, and you can easily install additional packages from CRAN or other sources.
  • Machine Learning:  Utilize Spark MLlib or other R-based machine learning libraries to build and deploy models on Databricks.
  • RStudio Integration: You can connect RStudio Desktop or RStudio Server to Databricks clusters, enabling a familiar development environment for R users.

Getting Started:

  1. Databricks Account: If you don’t have one, create a free Databricks Community Edition account or explore options for enterprise solutions.
  2. Workspace: Within your Databricks workspace, create a new notebook and select “R” as the language.
  3. SparkR:  Start using the Sparklyr package to connect to a Spark cluster and work with your data.
  4. Libraries: Use the install.packages() function within the notebook to install any additional R packages you need.
  5. RStudio:  If you prefer, follow the instructions to connect your RStudio instance to your Databricks cluster.

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