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                 Databricks Scope

In Databricks, a secret scope is a logical grouping of secrets (key-value pairs) used to securely store sensitive information like credentials, API keys, and tokens. It acts as a container, providing a way to organize and manage secrets within a Databricks workspace.

There are two main types of secret scopes in Databricks:

  • Databricks-backed scopes: These scopes are managed by Databricks and store secrets in an encrypted database owned and managed by Databricks.
  • Azure Key Vault-backed scopes: These scopes integrate with Azure Key Vault, allowing you to leverage its robust security features for managing secrets.

Benefits of using secret scopes:

  • Centralized management: Secret scopes provide a centralized location to store and manage secrets, making controlling access and maintaining security easier.
  • Improved security: Secrets are stored in an encrypted format, protecting them from unauthorized access.
  • Granular permissions: Access control lists (ACLs) allow you to control access to individual secrets within a scope.
  • Integration with Azure Key Vault: Azure Key Vault-backed scopes provide additional security and management capabilities.

How to use secret scopes:

  1. Create a secret scope: Using the Databricks UI, CLI, or API, you can create a secret scope.
  2. Add secrets to the scope, specifying a key (unique identifier) and a value for each secret.
  3. Reference secrets: Use the dbutils.secrets utility in notebooks or jobs to access secrets from the scope.

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