Databricks SQL TOP 5


             Databricks SQL TOP 5

In Databricks SQL, you can get the top 5 rows of a query result using the LIMIT clause:

FROM your_table
ORDER BY column_name  -- (Optional) Specify the sorting column


  1. SELECT *: Selects all columns from the table.
  2. FROM your_table: Specifies the table you want to query.
  3. ORDER BY column_name (Optional): This clause allows you to sort the results based on a specific column. For example, you could sort by date, customer ID, or any other relevant column. If you omit this clause, the order of the results might be arbitrary.
  4. LIMIT 5: This clause restricts the output to the first 5 rows.

Important Note:

  • Databricks SQL does not support the TOP keyword that is used in some other SQL dialects.

  • If you’re used to TOP, just replace it with LIMIT. The functionality is the same.

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