Databricks Tab 4 Spaces


            Databricks Tab 4 Spaces

Databricks notebooks typically default to 4 spaces for indentation in Python code, following PEP 8 style guidelines. However, if you’re experiencing issues with tabs being treated as 4 spaces when they should be 2, or vice versa, you can try the following solutions:

1. Check Indentation Settings (If Applicable):

  • Some versions of Databricks allow you to configure indentation settings. Look for options in the notebook settings or preferences to adjust the indentation level.

2. Replace Tabs with Spaces:

  • If you’ve pasted code with tabs, you might encounter indentation errors. Manually replace tabs with spaces using the following steps:
    • Select the code.
    • Go to the “Edit” or “Format” menu.
    • Look for an option like “Convert Indentation to Spaces” or a similar function.
    • Choose the number of spaces you want for each indentation level (usually 4).

3. Search for Solutions in the Databricks Community:

  • The Databricks community forums often have discussions on indentation issues. Search for your specific problem, or create a new post for help.

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