Databricks unzip 7z File


             Databricks unzip 7z File

 You can  unzip Databricks using a few different methods:

1. Using the 7z Command-Line Tool:

  • Install 7z:

    • If you’re using a Databricks cluster with a custom container, you might need to install the p7zip-full package (which includes the 7z tool) using apt-get or similar.
    • If you’re using the standard Databricks runtime, you might be able to install it directly from the notebook:
      apt-get update
      apt-get install -y p7zip-full
  • Unzip the File:

    7z x /path/to/your/file.7z -o/path/to/output/directory

    Replace /path/to/your/file.7z and /path/to/output/directory with the actual paths.

2. Using a Library (Python):

  • Install py7zr:

    %pip install py7zr
  • Unzip the File:

    import py7zr
    with py7zr.SevenZipFile('/path/to/your/file.7z', mode='r') as z:

Important Considerations:

  • File Location: Make sure the 7z file is accessible from the Databricks cluster. If it’s in your local machine, you’ll need to upload it to DBFS (Databricks File System) or a cloud storage location (like S3 or Azure Blob Storage) first.
  • Large Files: If you’re dealing with very large 7z files, consider splitting them into smaller chunks before unzipping.
  • Cluster Resources: Unzipping can be resource-intensive, so make sure your cluster has enough memory and CPU power.

Example (Using py7zr):

Assuming your 7z file is located at dbfs:/FileStore/data/my_archive.7z, here’s how to unzip it:

import py7zr

with py7zr.SevenZipFile('dbfs:/FileStore/data/my_archive.7z', mode='r') as z:

This will extract the contents of my_archive.7z into the dbfs:/FileStore/data/extracted_data directory.

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