Databricks vs Spark


            Databricks vs Spark

Apache Spark and Databricks are deeply connected but have distinct roles within the extensive data landscape.

Apache Spark:

  • Foundation: Spark is the open-source, distributed computing engine that powers big data processing. It’s known for its speed, versatility, and ability to handle a wide range of tasks, such as batch processing, real-time streaming, machine learning, and SQL queries.
  • Flexibility: You can deploy Spark in various environments, whether your infrastructure, a cloud provider, or even your laptop. This gives you complete control but requires more technical expertise to set up and manage.
  • Community-Driven: Spark has a vibrant community of contributors, ensuring constant improvements and a vast ecosystem of libraries and extensions.


  • The platform on Top of Spark: Databricks is a comprehensive platform built around Apache Spark. It aims to simplify and streamline the entire lifecycle of big data and AI projects.
  • Unified Workspace: Databricks provides a collaborative environment where data engineers, scientists, and analysts can collaborate seamlessly. It offers interactive notebooks, integrated development environments (IDEs), and automated workflows.
  • Managed Service: One key advantage is that Databricks is a managed service. This means you don’t have to worry about the complexities of setting up, configuring, and maintaining Spark clusters. They handle the infrastructure for you.
  • Additional Tools: Databricks has enhancements not found in vanilla Spark, like optimized runtimes, MLflow for managing machine learning experiments, Delta Lake for reliable data storage, and built-in visualization tools.

Choosing the Right Tool:

  • Choose Apache Spark if:
    • It would help if you had a highly flexible, open-source solution.
    • You have the in-house expertise to manage your own Spark clusters.
    • You want complete control over your infrastructure and configurations.
  • Choose Databricks if:
    • You want a managed platform that simplifies using Spark.
    • Collaboration and a unified workspace are essential for your team.
    • It would help if you had the additional tools and optimizations that Databricks offers.

To summarize, Spark is the engine, and Databricks is the car built around that engine. Both have their place, and the best choice for you depends on your specific needs, resources, and expertise.

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