Databricks YYYYMMDD to Date


      Databricks YYYYMMDD to Date

In Databricks, you can convert a string representing a date in the YYYYMMDD format to a date type using the to_date function:


SELECT to_date(‘20230521’, ‘yyyyMMdd’) AS converted_date;

This query will output:



  1. to_date('20230521', 'yyyyMMdd'):

    • '20230521': The input string in YYYYMMDD format.
    • 'yyyyMMdd': The format specification tells Databricks how to interpret the input string.
  2. AS converted_date: This renames the resulting column to converted_date for clarity.

Important Notes:

  • Spark SQL DateType: The resulting date is in the standard Spark SQL DateType format (yyyy-MM-dd).
  • Error Handling: If the input string does not match the specified format (yyyyMMdd), the to_date function will raise an error.
  • Alternative: You can also use the cast function if you don’t need to specify a custom format:
    SELECT cast(‘20230521’ AS date) AS converted_date;
    However, this assumes the date string is already in the default format recognized by Spark (yyyy-MM-dd).

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