Dell Boomi Notify Shape


Dell Boomi Notify Shape

Title: Mastering the Dell Boomi Notify Shape: Custom Notifications and Logging


Effective communication and logging are essential in the world of integration and process automation. Dell Boomi, a leading iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), offers a versatile tool for this purpose: the Notify shape. Let’s explore how it empowers you to send custom alerts, track process execution, and enhance overall visibility within your Boomi environment.

What is the Dell Boomi Notify Shape?

The Notify shape is a fundamental component within the Dell Boomi platform. It serves two primary functions:

  1. Custom Notifications: Send tailored messages to users via email or RSS feeds. These can signal process starts, completions, errors, status updates, or any other relevant information you want to convey.
  2. Process Logging: Create detailed execution logs within Boomi for auditing, troubleshooting, and historical analysis.

Key Use Cases

  • Error Handling: Notify administrators or stakeholders immediately when a critical process encounters an error, allowing for timely intervention.
  • Status Updates: Regularly update process owners or dependent systems about the progress of long-running or complex integration processes.
  • Compliance: Maintain comprehensive process execution logs to fulfill regulatory requirements or to conduct internal post-process analysis.
  • Data Monitoring: Send notifications when specific data values or conditions are met, enabling prompt action based on business rules.

How to Configure the Notify Shape

  1. Add the Shape: Drag and drop the Notify shape into your Boomi process where you want the notification or log entry to occur.
  2. Label & Title: Assign a descriptive label and a meaningful title for the notification.
  3. Message Level: Choose the appropriate message level – Informational, Warning, or Error – to reflect the notification’s severity.
  4. Message Content: Compose the notification message. You can include static text and dynamic data elements using Boomi’s expression language or process properties.
  5. Enabling Options:
    • Enable Events: Check to send the notification as an email alert to subscribed users.
    • Enable User Log: Check to log the notification in your Boomi Atom’s logs.
    • Write Once Per Execution: Employ this option to aggregate notifications and generate only one per process execution if you deal with multiple documents.


Let’s imagine a scenario where you want to send an email notification if an order processing workflow fails. Here’s how your Notify shape might look:

  • Label: Order Failure Notification
  • Title: Error in Order Processing
  • Message Level: Error
  • Message Content: Order ID [Order Number] failed to process. Error Details: [Error Message]
  • Enable Events: Checked

Best Practices

  • Descriptive Labels and Titles: Use clear names to identify log notifications and manage them efficiently.
  • Relevant Content: Ensure your notifications provide only the necessary information to avoid overwhelming recipients.
  • Strategic Placement: Place Notify shapes at critical points in your processes for effective tracking and alerting.
  • Testing: Thoroughly test notification configurations before deploying to production.


The Dell Boomi Notify shape is a valuable asset for any integration developer. By mastering its use, you’ll gain improved insight into your integration processes, streamline error handling, and maintain a well-documented Boomi environment. Experiment with the Notify shape and see how it transforms your Boomi workflows!

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