Dell Boomi Price List


Dell Boomi Price List

Understanding Dell Boomi’s Pricing: A Guide to Integration Costs

Dell Boomi is a market-leading iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution renowned for simplifying and streamlining applications and data integration across diverse systems. While Boomi offers tremendous value, it’s essential to understand its pricing structure to align your budget with your integration needs.

Boomi’s Flexible Subscription Model

Dell Boomi embraces a subscription-based pricing model, providing various tiers to suit different business requirements. Key factors influencing the price include:

  • Features: The specific capabilities and components you want to access within the Boomi platform.
  • Connectors: The number and types required for seamless interaction with your applications and data sources.
  • Deployment: Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment options.
  • Data Volumes & Complexity: The volume and nature of data you’ll need to process and integrate.

Boomi Editions

Boomi offers the following primary editions:

  • Base – Offers fundamental integration capabilities for primary use cases.
  • Professional – Adds more advanced features and connectors, perfect for complex back-office and front-office integrations.
  • Enterprise – Provides enhanced features for real-time integrations and supports complex business requirements.
  • Enterprise Plus – The most comprehensive edition for large-scale deployments with the broadest range of capabilities and connectors.

Additional Services and Pricing

Beyond the core editions, Dell offers additional Boomi services and components that may impact pricing:

  • API Management – A suite for developing, publishing, and managing APIs.
  • Master Data Hub – Creates a central source of accurate, harmonized master data.
  • B2B/EDI Management – Facilitates and streamlines electronic data interchange for supply chain operations.
  • Boomi Flow– A low-code platform for building workflow applications.

Getting a Quote

Since Boomi’s pricing is tailored to specific needs, contacting a sales representative directly for a customized quote based on your requirements is best. Factors they’ll analyze to determine pricing include:

  • Number of applications or systems you need to integrate.
  • The complexity of your workflows and integrations.
  • Whether a cloud-based or on-premises solution is a better fit.
  • Anticipated data volumes.

Remember: When comparing Boomi to other iPaaS platforms, consider the long-term value, potential return on investment (ROI), and immediate cost. Boomi’s ease of use, scalability, and comprehensive capabilities often translate to significant cost savings and efficiency gains for your organization.

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