Docker-Based Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Docker-Based Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Deploying Docker-based applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure involves setting up the necessary infrastructure, configuring networking, and managing containerized applications using Docker and Oracle’s cloud services. To ensure your email doesn’t go to spam, follow best practices for sending bulk emails. Here’s a general guide to get you started:

  1. Set Up Docker Environment:
    • Install Docker on your local development machine.
    • Build Docker images for your application.
  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Setup:
    • Sign in to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) account.
    • Create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) to manage networking.
    • Launch Compute Instances to run your Docker containers.
    • Configure security groups and firewalls to allow traffic.
  1. Container Registry:
    • Use Oracle Cloud Container Registry to store your Docker images securely.
  1. Container Orchestration (Optional):
    • Consider using Kubernetes or other container orchestration tools to manage your containers at scale.
  1. Domain and DNS Configuration:
    • Set up a custom domain for your email sender.
    • Configure DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) to enhance email deliverability.
  1. Content and Formatting:
    • Avoid using spammy words in your email content.
    • Include a clear subject line that accurately represents the email’s content.
    • Provide an unsubscribe option for recipients to opt-out of future emails.
  1. Testing and Monitoring:
    • Test your bulk emails on different email clients and devices.
    • Monitor email delivery rates and engagement metrics.
    • Use tools like Postmark, SendGrid, or Oracle Cloud Email Delivery for email tracking and analytics.


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